Below you’ll find our pick of more mainstream challenge events. As a general rule we avoid extreme events and focus on those events which we’d consider fun. If you’re looking for a tougher challenge, the lists at the end of the page are for you.

Our Favourites

These are fun events we think are suitable for people of all abilities.

The Nuts Challenge

We like the Nuts Challenge because it’s billed as a fun family day out, where fancy dress and face paint are actively encouraged. With cargo nets to climb, tunnels to crawl through, muddy slides and a pontoon bridge made out of dinghies to cross, this 7 km adventure has all the ingredients for a laughter filled day.

Rough Runner

Rough Runner is a fun challenge which merges distance running with an obstacle course, inspired by all those TV game shows we love: Wipeout, Gladiator, Ninja Warrior. If you’ve ever thought that the Travelator looked like a challenge or a sweeper obstacle would be a great laugh, Rough Runner is for you. Various races are available in different locations all year round.

Shropshire Mud Run

We like the Shropshire Mud Run because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are prizes for the quickest, slowest, best fancy dress and muddiest competitors. It’s also set in beautiful scenery with spectacular views along the way, and is open to people of all abilities.

Craufurdland Muddy Trials

A great run if you live north of the border. Utilising all natural terrain, this very, very, very muddy course ranges across fields and streams and meanders through woodland in some imposing Scottish countryside. No man-made obstacles to trouble you. They also have a Muddy Mile race for the kids!

Insane Terrain

Insane Terrain takes place at Washbrook farm in Doddington, midway between Cambridge and Peterborough. Expect more man made mud pits, hay bale climbs and pond wades: get ready for insane slides too! This course is set out in a 5km loop, so you have a choice of 1 lap or two. All runners will receive a goody bag on completion which includes a drink, snack and a Dri fit T-Shirt. You’ll also receive a medal as you cross the finish line.

Mud Runner Classic

Our original challenge, Mud Runner is still probably our favourite. This is a pure mud run, devoid of the crazy obstacles that characterise many other events. Mud, mud and yet more mud is the main attraction here. Plus there’s a race for youngsters and their parents the same day, making this a great challenge for families altogether.

Runs for Kids

These are mud run events specifically aimed at youngsters.

Charity Challenges

These are fund raising events organised by charities. In most cases you will only be able to raise funds for the organising charity, but do check. This list is not exhaustive.

DIY Challenges

These are venues providing facilities for hire that could be used to create your own private challenge suitable to your needs.

Obstacle course sessions can generally be hired for between £20 and £30 per person, but you may need to discuss your specific requirements with the venue.

You Choose

There are simply too many challenge events for us to list them all here. Please consult these very comprehensive lists of upcoming events instead:

*Note that Mud Run Guide is also useful for non-UK residents seeking events elsewhere in the world.

When choosing an event, consider your fitness level, strength and abilities, the location of the event and cost of entry. Read their website carefully. Consult the websites Muddy Race, Mudstacle and Mud Run Guide for event reviews and general guidance.


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