The paralysis of shyness

It’s funny that I maintain a blog all about amazing challenges, because my biggest challenge is something so small and mundane: shyness. Overcoming shyness is a challenge that alludes me to this day. That shyness which prevents me from picking up the phone for a conversation that others would find so easy. The shyness which makes me run far away, rather than confront issues directly. … Continue reading The paralysis of shyness


One of my biggest failings is patience – or rather lack of it. And so often it is my impatience which causes things to fail, because people think I’m interfering, get irritated with my questions and ideas, and in the end walk away, frustrated. I really don’t want that to happen with my fund raising challenge proposal, because I really believe in it: I want … Continue reading Patience

Get together for success

Nice reflections on how working as part of a group can help you meet your goals and feel motivated: In the past the main obstacles for myself personally have been time and motivation, when I’ve had the time I’ve lacked the courage and determination to continue my farce diets and when I’ve had the motivation (offered a seat on the train because I was ‘apparently’ pregnant)I … Continue reading Get together for success