Islamic Design House instant hijab

تشكيلة جديدة من شالات bokkita الرائعة الحاصلة على براءه اختراع لارتدائه بسهوله بدون دبابيس وب ١٠ثوان ٍ *متوفر أيضاً تشكيلة أكبر غير مصورة ومتوفر اللون الاسود A post shared by IDH kuwait (@islamicdesignhouse_kw) on Jul 28, 2017 at 10:34am PDT   Continue reading Islamic Design House instant hijab

The forerunners of the Nike hijab

Social media is awash these days with talk of Nike’s sports hijab, from both those in favour and those against. Personally I’m all for global brands increasing opportunities for Muslim women involved in sport. We wear their trainers, tracksuits and sports bras, so why not what we wear on our head? The only reservation I have is that they will begin to eat into the … Continue reading The forerunners of the Nike hijab

How to Choose the Right Sports Hijab

Fitness requires the utmost comfort and what that means is being comfortable in your fitness attire. If you are a hijabi, comfort and safety in sports are equally important. To get the best fitness experience in a hijab, there are a 3 key areas you need to remember :  Fabric, Safety, Design 1. Fabric Choose the right fabric. Choose fabric that moisture wicks What it means is … Continue reading How to Choose the Right Sports Hijab

Keeping Fit Without Compromising Modesty

It seems that hardly any of us are as fit as we should be, these days. Islam encourages a healthy approach to all aspects of life spiritual, mental and physical so it’s entirely permissible for women to exercise; the problem is that many Muslim women feel uncomfortable exercising in public. Western sportswear is often quite revealing, and some sporting activities can feel like a threat … Continue reading Keeping Fit Without Compromising Modesty

The hijabi adventurer

This post isn’t about the importance of hijab, for we are all more than capable of making our own choices and decisions. Rather, it is aimed at those sisters who ordinarily wear hijab, who may think they face a dilemma when it comes to entering an obstacle course race or mud run. Whether due to incorrect guidance on the part of event organisers, poor advice from team mates … Continue reading The hijabi adventurer