Template: Tough Mother

This is a template for an adventurous fundraising event aimed at mums. As with all event templates on this blog, feel free to use or adapt it as you please.


A fundraising challenge, in which four teams of five Muslim women are sponsored to complete an arduous but fun obstacle course challenge. It is a ladies-only event, led by female instructors, aimed particularly at mums from the local community.

Participants can expect to trek over a variety of terrain, including hills, riverbeds and forest, as well as climb, crawl, wade and jump their way through numerous obstacles.

The challenge is designed to push participants to their limits, encourage positive team work and get their adrenalin pumping. It is open to women of all fitness levels: no experience is necessary, but a sense of adventure and determination is crucial. Continue reading “Template: Tough Mother”

Template: Eid Mud Run

This is a template for sisters-only fundraising event, based around a mud run challenge. As with all event templates on this blog, feel free to use or adapt it as you please.

What is it?

This challenge could be summarised as: Superhero Run meets Eid Party meets Tough Mudder. It is a sisters-only event in which participants are sponsored to take on and complete one of two obstacle course challenges, to raise funds for charity. Continue reading “Template: Eid Mud Run”

San Francisco Mudlims

race_2332_photo_46957744On Saturday 1 October 2016, twelve adventurous Muslims from the San Francisco area took part in the brilliant Muckfest fun run to help raise funds for the MS Society’s. Running as a team calling itself the SF Mudlims, they took on a light-hearted 5K obstacle course.

race_2332_photo_46942181Set up to allow participants to have a good friends, the Muckfest mud run is not super challenging: no suffering or pretence of toughness here.

Proceeds from the event will go towards raising awareness and supporting those living with multiple sclerosis — a cause close to one of team Mudlims’ participants, who has MS herself. An amazing time was had by all involved.

Taking on a challenge for charity

Taking on a challenge is a great way to raise funds for a worthy cause. It’s amazing how many people will sponsor others to complete an amazing feat. This year, why not get together with friends and family to take on a challenge of your own?

Many charities have a calendar full of challenges which you can sign up to, to help raise money to support their work. However you don’t have to stick to these, as you could just as easily create your own challenge and still raise funds for your favourite cause.

5 steps to fundraising success

1) Decide which challenge you wish to enter and sign up for it via their website, paying the appropriate registration fee. See our Challenges page for ideas.

2) Nominate the charity you wish to support.

3) Set up a fundraising page, tell everyone about your plans and start collecting sponsorship. See external article Top charity giving sites.

4) Take on your chosen challenge.

5) As soon as possible after the event, send the money you raised to your nominated charity.

How do I collect sponsorship?

It’s a good idea to set up a fundraising page on websites like JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving. MoneySavingExpert has a great article comparing the Top charity giving websites. Some charities, such as Muslim Aid allow you to set up a personalised fundraising page on their website.

Then get the word out on your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Ask the charities themselves to retweet your announcements on their channels (it’s in their interests, after all). But most importantly, tell everyone you know about your plans to drum up loads of support.

Davies family complete Tough Mudder

This is a guest post by Yasmin Davies.

As you’ll know if you read my previous article, my siblings and I decided to take on the fearsome Tough Mudder challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of our beloved mother who sadly passed away after a short battle with Breast Cancer last year. This was a somewhat insane decision, but after several months of preparation, we finally faced the London West challenge yesterday, on Saturday 30 April.


Alhamdulilah, it was a great day. We completed all 12 miles and 26 obstacles in three hours and 45 minutes, which officially inducted us into the Mudder Nation! With so many water obstacles on the course, I felt like I swam a quarter of the way in very cold water.

The worst obstacle was the awful Arctic Enema — which is indeed as bad as it sounds — in which you are plunged into icy water as if reliving the final moments of the Titanic. This challenge knocked the breath right out of us; nothing can prepare you for that, but once we ducked under a tyre submerging into its icy depths we emerged with renewed focus and determination.


The Everest was another tough one: you have to sprint up a giant, slippery quarter-pipe — no skateboards allowed — and launch yourself into the arms of your waiting teammates at the top, hoping that they’ll catch you. Of course, you have to get one of your teammates up there first. This obstacle took us a few tries but we all got over it together eventually, with the help of our fellow Mudders. The camaraderie was great and team spirit was rife throughout the course!

Although Tough Mudder was excruciating and left us feeling drained, bruised and achy, we’re still looking forward to our next challenge. It was so tough that it pushed us to our limits, but our determination throughout the course and our successful completion of it left us with a great feeling of achievement. We are so proud that we did it!


By asking our friends, relatives and complete strangers to sponsor us to take on this awesome adventure, we managed to raise over £600 for Cancer Research UK, in loving memory of our mother. We know she would be very proud that we all got together and did this for her as a family! Alhamdulilah for such an amazing day.

You can still show your support and make a donation for Cancer Research via our  fundraising page

Siblings take on Tough Mudder in memory of mother

This is a guest post by Yasmin Davies.

We are a team of 5 family members, who, in a moment of scary premonition, have decided to attempt the extreme and possibly foolish Tough Mudder challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of our beloved mother! Our challenge takes place near Henley on Thames on 30 April.

Yasmin Davies - BG Survival Race

Our mother Zahra Davies who worked as an NHS interpreter for many years, was an active member of her community, giving her time on earth to serving people in need, humanity and her family. She was incredibly brave in voicing and standing up for the rights of the people as well as fighting against oppression. One of her main aims was to help community relations and establish peace in some of the most unpleasant situations around the world. She passed away in September 2015 after a short battle with Breast Cancer.

At this sometimes inconceivable and strange juncture in our lives we found ourselves contemplating life, humanity and how short our time on earth truly is! Which led us to our decision, to do whatever it takes to help give back and raise money for Cancer Research, which for us is an extremely worthy and rewarding charity, as it has the potential to save others from some of the unfortunate memories we share.

We have decided the best way for us, we hope, is by pushing ourselves and entering the Tough Mudder event! I have already taken part in a the Bear Grylls 5k obstacle course challenge, as well as an endurance walk, completing 25 miles in 13 hours. We expect our latest challenge to be tiring but fun.

Yasmin Davies - BG Survival Race

Please help to minimise the impact of this self-inflicted torture by donating a few quid and sending us a few words of much valued encouragement! Your generosity of time, money and good will is much appreciated.

To support Yasmin and her siblings, please visit their fundraising page today.

Ladies Fitness Extravaganza

Get ready for a day of exciting sports and fitness activities. The Ladies Fitness Extravaganza held at Eden Girls School in Coventry on 21st February, is a unique event created to fund emergency aid to refugees arriving in Greece.

Ladies fitness extravaganzaWomen and girls from Coventry and surrounding areas will have an opportunity to experience a fitness bootcamp, try out zumba, yoga and tabata, play dodgeball and other games. A brilliant way to drive out the winter blues. Healthy refreshments and food will be available throughout the day. Attendees will also receive a free T-shirt and goodie bag.

The event will help Penny Appeal provide support to those fleeing horrible conditions who are in desperate need of help. Refugees arriving in Europe are determined to escape conflict and build brighter futures for their families. Penny Appeal teams are working on the ground in Greece to distribute vital aid direct to refugees arriving by boat.

By attending this day of fitness and sport, not only will you have a lot of fun and go home feeling energised and refreshed, but you will also help aid workers to continue to provide the hot meals, shelter, clothes and hygiene items that refugees desperately need.

For more information or to register for the event, please contact Alycia at malta.amc@gmail.com or phone 07476934749.

Water World Splash for Gaza

Take time out from the Challenges calendar: kick back and relax instead. Splash for Gaza at Water World Festival Park in Stoke-on-Trent is an evening of swimmingly good fun. With two separate dates for men and women, this is an event not to be missed.

Splash for Gaza - women only   Splash for Gaza - men only

Taking advantage of Private Hire facilities, men and boys will have the entire venue to themselves on the evening of Saturday 30 April 2016, with ladies following suit on Saturday 7 May. Water World offers an indoor tropical environment with temperatures reaching 30 degrees or more and a range of water-based activities, from the beach effect wave pool to large water slides, and a mini obstacle course to relaxing jacuzzis.

Transport will be provided from the Bordesley Centre in Birmingham. Tickets for the event cost £15, plus £5 for travel by coach. All proceeds will go towards Palestinians in need.

For more information, see the posters above, call 0121 285 2468 or email birmingham@interpal.org

Primal Stampede

This is a guest post by Shehzad Modoolla.

Like many guys my age, I grew up watching shows like Fort Boyard, and always wanted to try my hand at something similar. But like many other guys my age, life always seemed to get in the way! There was always something else to do or somewhere else to be. My work mates have been doing Tough Mudder for the last couple years and every year I said I would join them, but never did.

So, when my Mrs signed up for Primal Stampede with her work colleagues and signed me up (without asking me!), I didn’t have much of a choice. It was already paid for, the weekend was free, the weather was forecast to be good — no excuses really.

Primal StampedeI was a bit reluctant at first, but when I looked into it, the gym (Primal Gym) appeared to be quite different — good different! Four free gym passes and four free customised outdoor training sessions came with the subscription so we both decided to give it a go. Might as well get some training under our belt so at least we don’t die on the day! Best decision ever! The gym training is completely different to anything I’ve seen before, the best way I can describe it, is it’s… organic (look it up!).

For a first in Leeds, Primal Stampede’s assault course was perfectly well balanced — just the right level of difficulty for beginners to get through, and experienced athletes to be challenged. A combination of load carrying, ice baths, water slides and the obligatory mud pit filled the day with fun and excitement. Two laps were required to complete the course, but at the end of it I felt like I could have done another one!

I enjoyed it so much I’m going back for another serving this year! Who would have thought! My advice to anyone else who, like me, has been putting it off would be to just take the plunge and go for it. Mud runs or assault courses or whatever other fancy names they are called these days, are really good fun.

Oh and all the time I raised money for Orphans in Need and the Jane Tomlinson’s Appeal.

Bring on 2016!

Women’s Winter Walk to Malham Cove

interpal-malham-coveThe winter walking season is well and truly upon us, keeping our limbs supple despite the icy chill. Gone are the days of sheltering indoors in the warmth of home: challenges call us, begging us to forgo comfort for a little while in order to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

So sisters pull on those winter scarves and extra layers; pull on that warm coat, walking shoes and gloves. The Yorkshire Dales — our little piece of paradise on earth — begs your company. It’s time to head for nature’s amphitheatre at Malham Cove, marching across open fields and by fast-flowing streams. Embrace the sisterhood and join Interpal’s Palestine Winter Walk, raising funds for destitute Palestinians.

In these times of political chaos, a walk in the countryside will be just what the doctor ordered. Reflect on the majesty of Allah and His creation as you head on over spongy grass, beneath leafless trees. Revel in good company. Feel refreshed and invigorated in the cold winter air. Work up a sweat and feel alive once more.

Malham Cove is a huge curved cliff formation of limestone rock, 260 feet high. It affords brilliant views down the dale towards Malham and beyond; no wonder it has been the source of inspiration for many an artist and author for centuries. Limestone pavements are a feature of Malham Cove and surrounding areas. The clints and grykes foster a unique eco-system for rare wild flowers and ferns.

This winter walk in support of Palestine is for women and girls only. Registration costs just £15, but you will need to try to raise £100 sponsorship from your friends and family. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy beautiful sisterhood whilst enjoying some of the most breath-taking scenery England has to offer.

This sponsored walk takes place on Saturday 23rd January 2016, 8am till 3pm, with transport available from Bradford and Dewsbury. Invite your friends and family to take part, and make a day of it. Once you have tasted the countryside of Britain, you’ll crave it time and again. The wilds are calling.

To register or find out more, please call 01274 656985 (Bradford) or 01924 466668 (Dewsbury).

Trek Mount Snowdon to deliver safe drinking water

interpal-snowdon-challengeCrack out those walking boots and prepare to trek to the summit of Mount Snowdon this spring, to help Interpal deliver safe drinking water to the people of Palestine.

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highlands. Located in the Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, it has been designated a national nature reserve for its rare flora and fauna.

If the spirit of adventure is driving you to distraction, the Interpal Snowdon Challenge 2016 is definitely for you. Join #TeamInterpal and challenge yourself to scale the summit of Mount Snowdon, famed for its spectacular views and beautiful scenery! Every step you walk will help provide much needed clean, safe drinking water to those in the West Bank and Gaza.

The challenge takes place on Saturday 2nd April 2016. There is a registration fee of £20 with a fundraising target of £100 per person, inshallah. Help Interpal help the Palestinians by taking part in this ambitious experience!

For more information and to registrer, contact Interpal on 0121 285 2468 or email birmingham@interpal.org.

Halifax to Bradford Fun Run for Islamic Relief

Halifax to Bradford Charity Run - Islamic ReliefOkay my Northern lovelies, this one’s for you! Coventry too far south to travel for your first running adventure of the year? Fear not, because the Islamic Relief Halifax to Bradford Fun Run falls the same day and it’s calling you now.

There are millions of children in poverty around the world, feeling the effects of war, drought and famine. The good news is that charities like Islamic Relief are on the ground to supports as many as they possibly can, to provide access to food, water, education, sanitation and opportunities. The Halifax to Bradford Fun Run on 28 February is billed as a Run for the Children! 

The fun run follows a beautiful scenic 10km route through the hills between Halifax and Bradford in West Yorkshire and is open to people at all levels. You can run, walk or cycle the route, and bring along the whole family if you wish to. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to raise £150 in sponsorship.

For more information and to sign up for this challenge, please visit the Islamic Relief fundraising page now.



Let’s chill and do the Gaza Winter Walk

Let’s get the 2016 challenges year off to a flying start by taking part in the Muslim Hands Gaza Winter Walk.  This awesome event, now in its eighth year, takes place in 8 cities around the country from north to south, making it an event not to be missed. You’ll join thousands of other walkers from communities all across the country, united in a mission to raise funds for the children of Gaza. You’ll take on a five mile trek traversing a variety of terrain, so be sure to wrap up warmly.

Since 2007 when the Gaza Winter Walk first began, Muslim Hands have provided emergency relief such as food, shelter and medicines, set up income generation projects to rehabilitate the agricultural economy and built large-scale water purification systems to combat Gaza’s severe water shortages. They have also supported the construction of the medical lab and integrated pharmacy in Al-Durrah Hospital, as well as the expansion of the emergency and respiratory departments.

The Gaza Winter Walk could be the perfect start to a year filled with adventurous challenges. Can you think of a better way to warm up and ease into the year to come? Check out the dates and locations below to find a venue near you. Or go mad and do the full nation tour!

Muslim Hands: Gaza Winter Walk

Glasgow 09 January 2016 Kelvingrove Park, G3 6BY REGISTER
Bradford 10 January 2016 Lister Park, BD9 4NR REGISTER
Birmingham 16 January 2016 Cannon Hill Park, B13 8RD REGISTER
Manchester 17 January 2016 Heaton Park, M25 2SW REGISTER
London 23 January 2016 Hyde Park, W2 2UH REGISTER
Luton 24 January 2016 Wardown Park, LU2 7HA REGISTER
Cardiff 30 January 2016 Bute Park, CF10 3DX REGISTER
Leicester 31 January 2016 Abbey Park, LE4 5AQ REGISTER

For more information about this challenge and to take part, please visit the Muslim Hands fundraising page now.


Walk, jog or run the Coventry Half Marathon to help Refugees

Get active for a good cause by joining Penny Appeal’s “Run For Their Lives” challenge!

Penny Appeal’s new fundraising manager Haroon Mota will be leading #TeamOrange as they take on 13.1 miles at Coventry’s Half Marathon on Sunday 28th February, and you could be one of them.

#TeamOrange are looking for amazing individuals like you to join Haroon and take on this incredible challenge, to provide vital provisions for refugees who have been forced to flee their homes. You’ll help provide food packs, hygiene essentials and medical supplies, which for many people could be the difference between life and death.

Also taking on this challenge is Mergim Butaja, star from 2015 BBC The Apprentice series. You could be joining him and the rest of the team. This is your chance to do something AMAZING!

Registration & further info: https://www.pennyappeal.org/appeal/run-for-their-lives

Penny Appeal fundraiser Haroon Mota For enquiries contact Haroon

– M:  07743 518 068 E: haroon.mota@pennyappeal.org

Follow and support the team on Twitter @Haroon_Mota

Penny Appeal joined forces with Amir Khan to deliver a life saving convoy to refugees arriving on Lesbos Island

Survival Camp – Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief brings you the Survival Camp on the weekend of 19th and 20th December 2015.

Refugees have walked for months on end in search of safety and shelter. Could you sacrifice just one night and spend 24 hours living the refugee experience – away from the warmth and comfort of your home?

With a minimum fundraising target of £165 you will provide one family with a winter survival pack which may be the difference between life and death for them.

  • London & South Gilwell Park, Waltham Abbey, Essex E4 7QW
  • Midlands & Wales Pioneer Centre, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire DY14 8JG
  • North & Scotland Linnet Clough Camp, Gibb Lane, Stockport SK6 5NB

There is a non-refundable £10 fee to reserve your space at the camp. Children between the ages of 6-16 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian and anyone between 16-18 must complete a parental consent form.

For more information, visit the Islamic Relief challenges website

Sajedah takes on 5K Mud Run to beat bowel cancer

Sajedah Patel,  Regional Community Fundraiser for Beating Bowel Cancer in the Midlands,  is taking on a 5K Mud Run  on 6 December to raise funds for  Beating Bowel Cancer. She writes:

Those of you that know me…will know my obsession with cleanliness and order (Honestly it is not OCD – just a hobby that takes over my life!) and provides entertainment for many – like my sister who came round on the weekend, she was so fascinated with my obsession, she actually walked around the kitchen taking photographs of my ‘perfectly’ categorised cutlery drawers – (all matching sets of course and facing in the right direction) and my fridge contents which naturally are sectioned according to ‘food groups’ and sizes of products– perfectly normal I hear you say!!! The photos which she then proceeded to send to her friends! Love you too sis!

So…that gives you a flavour of me and my relationship with anything that involves getting dirty so what you read next will shock you. I have stepped way out of my comfort zone and committed to doing something in an ‘attempt’ to face my fears ….and as I don’t do things by half measures…here goes… I have signed up for ‘The 5K Mud Run’ on Sunday 6th December 2015 in Daventry.…..which involves a 5k course consisting of various obstacles, many which are filled or covered with mud – an OCD person’ worst fear! Why? Am I crazy? Have I lost my mind? I most definitely have!

The reason? I meet inspirational people every day through my work who have survived bowel cancer who motivate me to continue my job to raise as much awareness of bowel cancer to save lives – Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer. Sadly, cancer also takes the lives of many of our loved ones – personally having lost family members to cancer too. Doing the ‘Mud Run’ and having to endure mud and dirt is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the devastation and fear that cancer can cause. My ‘Mud Run’ is dedicated to all those wonderful people who have lost their fight against this awful disease and dedicated in admiration to the survivors that inspire me every day that have beat it.

Please help me to raise much needed funds to work together to a world where cancer is beaten. Thank you for your donation and wish me luck!

To support Sajedah, please visit her fundraising page now.

Epping Forest Night Trek for Islamic Relief

This one might be for you… if you’re not afraid of the dark!

Islamic Relief’s latest challenge is their Epping Forest Night Trek, which they’re running to raise funds for those suffering in Palestine. With lots of spooky noises and pitch darkness, it will be not just a physical challenge but one that will challenge your mental state of mind too!

The Trek takes place between 4.00pm and 11.00pm on Saturday 5th December 2015. Not for the fainthearted!

For more information visit the Islamic Relief website


Get ready for Crawl of Duty in aid of Muslim Hands

FB-Flyer-FRONT[1]Muslim Hands are back with another round of their popular Crawl of Duty challenge, this time in the South of England early in 2016.

It will take place in Dorking, Surrey at the home of the infamous Nuts Challenge. The muddy course features obstacles, tunnels, tyres, rope swing, water dippers and much more.

With female instructors available on a gender-segregated obstacle challenge, it promises to be an exciting event for both men and women.

It’s happening on Saturday 20th February, in aid of orphans worldwide. Funds raised will go towards needy orphans and impoverished children around the world. This ranges from modest classrooms serving isolated communities that would otherwise not have access to schooling, to campuses serving large groups of poor and disadvantaged children.

For more information, visit the Muslim Hands website

Count down to the Great Birmingham Run

This Sunday, a team of 6 volunteers will be running 13.1 miles at The Great Birmingham Run! Amongst them is our very own Kanza Ahmed. They are ‪#‎Running4Gaza‬ to help raise funds & awareness about Islamic Relief’s ongoing Gaza campaign. Kanza says:

“after much talking about it, I have finally got my trainers on and decided to tackle my first ever half marathon Inshallah and I want to dedicate my 13.1 miles to fundraise for the people of Gaza! So here’s the deal… I run the miles and you get to help people from the comfort of your sofa… an amazing deal all round!”

Support these brave volunteers, and help them reach their fundraising goals to help Islamic Relief do more for the people of Palestine, insha’Allah!

If you’re in Birmingham, why not get yourself to the race to cheer on some of the 20,000 people who’re running for so many great causes.

Good luck Kanza! We know you can do it. 🙂

Islamic Help Central African Republic Tough Mudder Challenge

On 26 September 2015, a group of Islamic Help supporters from Bedford will be taking part in Tough Mudder in an effort to raise funds to save lives in the Central African Republic (CAR), which is in the grips of a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions.

Ethno-religious violence and political instability in CAR have left the country’s entire population vulnerable and more than 2 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Men, women and children continue to be killed. Homes, clinics, hospitals and schools have already been destroyed. The wounded continue to die slow deaths and their dead continue to remain unburied.

The funds raised will go towards supporting 25 families for 1 month. Islamic Help has carried out a major food and aid distribution programme at its camp for refugees from the Central African Republic. A team from the UK joined forces with staff at the camp in Garoua Boulai, Cameroon, for the project which ensures all the refugees in the camp have enough food to sustain them for a month.

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle course, featuring challenges which play on common human fears, such as fire, water, electricity and heights. It’s not for the fainthearted!

To support team Bedford take on this awesome challenge, please visit their fundraising page on the Islamic Help website