“The women during the time of the Prophet (saw) didn’t have group exercise classes”

The women during the time of the prophet lived in a different time than we do. They kneaded their own bread, carried water from wells, even walked outside their houses in secluded areas to relieve themselves. Today our bathrooms are 30 feet away, sometimes closer. Our breads are bought from stores which we drive to and our water flows from the faucet with just a turn of a handle. Continue reading “The women during the time of the Prophet (saw) didn’t have group exercise classes”

Ladies Fitness Extravaganza

Get ready for a day of exciting sports and fitness activities. The Ladies Fitness Extravaganza held at Eden Girls School in Coventry on 21st February, is a unique event created to fund emergency aid to refugees arriving in Greece. Women and girls from Coventry and surrounding areas will have an opportunity to experience a fitness bootcamp, try out zumba, yoga and tabata, play dodgeball and other … Continue reading Ladies Fitness Extravaganza

Keeping Fit Without Compromising Modesty

It seems that hardly any of us are as fit as we should be, these days. Islam encourages a healthy approach to all aspects of life spiritual, mental and physical so it’s entirely permissible for women to exercise; the problem is that many Muslim women feel uncomfortable exercising in public. Western sportswear is often quite revealing, and some sporting activities can feel like a threat … Continue reading Keeping Fit Without Compromising Modesty

RunFit 12 Week Challenge: Men vs. Women

The Atlanta Muslim Running Club (AMRC) is a running club based in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia. It started with few runners getting together to encourage, inspire, and motivate Muslims in the Atlanta area to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The club is open to both men and women and meets every Sunday morning for a group run. AMRC started with just a few people, but has … Continue reading RunFit 12 Week Challenge: Men vs. Women

From D- to A+: One Running Girl’s Journey

This is a guest post by Kanza…small reflections on her big journey from mattress to marathon! “I can’t run…you’re so committed and good at it and I can barely walk a kilometer without wanting to collapse…” These were the words uttered by a friend when I asked her to consider joining me in a 5k race for fun awhile back. At the time we both … Continue reading From D- to A+: One Running Girl’s Journey

5k Training Plan

This Training Plan provided by Cancer Relief’s Race for Life seems like a good place to start: http://raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org/training/5k-training-plans I’m going to give it a go, inshallah. Your 5k walking plan (PDF, 433KB) Your 5k jogging plan (PDF, 514KB) Your 5k running plan (PDF, 514KB) Top tips for everyone Wear comfy shoes and make sure your feet are well supported. Look the part while training with our range … Continue reading 5k Training Plan