Trial and tribulations

Luton Islamic Centre, located in the heart of Bury Park, is a hive of activity. Daily there are study classes open to men and women. On Saturday nights volunteers from the mosque serve soup to the homeless on Luton’s streets. The prayer hall, meanwhile, regularly overflows with aid supplies, ready to be dispatched to the desperate and destitute in war-torn Syria. And while many other mosques turn women away at the front door, this one welcomes them, inviting them to participate in the religious life of the community. Continue reading “Trial and tribulations”

San Francisco Mudlims

On Saturday 1 October 2016, twelve adventurous Muslims from the San Francisco area took part in the brilliant Muckfest fun run to help raise funds for the MS Society’s. Running as a team calling itself the SF Mudlims, they took on a light-hearted 5K obstacle course. Set up to allow participants to have a good friends, the Muckfest mud run is not super challenging: no suffering or pretence of toughness here. … Continue reading San Francisco Mudlims

Conquering our challenge

This is a guest post by Idil Osman. Taking on Tough Mudder was one of the most challenging days each one of us have had. It was both emotionally and physically taxing, but yet immensely rewarding. The challenge to do Tough Mudder was of course our brother Bashir’s plan. He embarked on a fundraising campaign to build 50 wells across some of the driest and … Continue reading Conquering our challenge

Brotherhood Mudder Run

In an effort to raise funds for Islamic Relief, a group of lifelong friends came together this past week to take on two running challenges. Coming together as a team called The Brotherhood they took part in Tough Mudder London West on 30 April and the Muslim Charity Run inVictoria Park, Tower Hamlets, on 8 May. “We came, we saw, we conquered,” said Zara Mir, who took part in Tough … Continue reading Brotherhood Mudder Run

Siblings take on Tough Mudder in memory of mother

This is a guest post by Yasmin Davies. We are a team of 5 family members, who, in a moment of scary premonition, have decided to attempt the extreme and possibly foolish Tough Mudder challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of our beloved mother! Our challenge takes place near Henley on Thames on 30 April. Our mother Zahra Davies who worked as … Continue reading Siblings take on Tough Mudder in memory of mother

An epic adventure

The icy breeze of a chilly winter’s morning, 12 degrees Celsius tops, would be enough to send most of us back indoors for a lazy day at home. A bunch of brave adventurers determined to raise funds for orphans worldwide were undeterred however. On Saturday 20 February 2016, nearly 40 men and women descended on a remote farm in rural Surrey for a fundraising challenge … Continue reading An epic adventure

Get ready for Crawl of Duty in aid of Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands are back with another round of their popular Crawl of Duty challenge, this time in the South of England early in 2016. It will take place in Dorking, Surrey at the home of the infamous Nuts Challenge. The muddy course features obstacles, tunnels, tyres, rope swing, water dippers and much more. With female instructors available on a gender-segregated obstacle challenge, it promises to be an exciting event for … Continue reading Get ready for Crawl of Duty in aid of Muslim Hands

Running the Major Series for Sandwell BUDS

At 11:30am on 26 September 2015 an intrepid team of adventurers, comprising Rihela Nazir,  Asma Nazir, Saikah Nazir, Mohammed Sajid, Mohammed Qaasim and Nasir Ahmed, will venture out onto the the UK’s most friendly obstacle race, otherwise known as the Midlands Major Series, to raise money for the dementia charity, BUDS. The Major Series has been voted the UK’s Best Trail Race   and sees runners … Continue reading Running the Major Series for Sandwell BUDS

ToughBrudders take on Tough Mudder for MAP

On 27 September 2015, Mohammed Khankhara and Haseeb Khan will be running in a Tough Mudder event, to raise funds for the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). They say: We will never forget the tragic events of the summer of 2014, when Gaza was relentlessly attacked leaving thousands dead and many more injured, they need our support more than ever not only for basic necessities … Continue reading ToughBrudders take on Tough Mudder for MAP

Fatima toughens up for Muscular Dystrophy UK

Fatima Gouveia from Winchester writes: I’ve never done a challenge before and for those of you who know me, you will be shocked to hear that I have recently joined our local gym……this is how serious and dedicated I am to do the challenge but most importantly to raise funds. I lost my brother Dino 12 years ago to Spinal Muscular Dystrophy. As I watched … Continue reading Fatima toughens up for Muscular Dystrophy UK

Spartan Race hits Arabia

Covered in sand and splattered with mud, thousands of men, women and children ran, jogged and lurched across the finish line at the Spartan Race, the country’s first obstacle sprint run on Friday 20 February 2015. Strong winds stirred up sand from dunes at the Jebel Ali Racecourse, adding a natural challenge to the 5km course for participants who were already tasked with overcoming 15 obstacles. … Continue reading Spartan Race hits Arabia

Muslim Hands Crawl of Duty

Muslim Hands Scotland presents, Crawl of Duty: a 5K assault course to test your strength and stamina. Join Muslim Hands as they embark on this obstacle packed mission to raise money for their Emergency Fund to support crises in Iraq, Palestine and Central Africa. Test your ability to the max and fuel your inner adrenaline to its peak as you fight for survival. From crawling through tunnels to … Continue reading Muslim Hands Crawl of Duty

Isra Mohammed takes on Tough Mudder

On Saturday 25 October 2014, sister Isra Mohammed braved the elements to take on the Tough Mudder obstacle course race at Foil Farms, Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, USA. Joined by Rand Alkurd, Lauren Wolcott, Husain Abdulbaqi and other friends, Isra took on twenty obstacles over the eleven mile course, emerging on the other side with a massive sense of achievement. It was extremely tough, but nothing could defeat this Masters graduate, least … Continue reading Isra Mohammed takes on Tough Mudder

Taking on Tough Mudder for clean water in Gaza

On 13 September  this year,  Jacqueline Choudhury will be taking on Tough Mudder as part of  Bioticfit’s #teamgreen to raise funds for Muslim Aid‘s  Gaza clean water campaign.  Bioticfit is said to be South Manchester’s biggest fitness community, specialising in outdoor fitness classes. Tough Mudder is an endurance event in which participants attempt to complete a very muddy 10 mile  obstacle course.  Jacqueline will be … Continue reading Taking on Tough Mudder for clean water in Gaza

Imran Khan’s Tough Mudder for Macmillan Cancer Support

Imran writes: So with little over a week to go, minimal cardio work in the gym and my weekly helping of McDonalds at Waterloo all ticked! I thought it was about time to set up my charity page supporting Macmillan for the Tough Mudder challenge on Saturday 8 June. At this point you are probably thinking, yeah well done you are doing a Tough Mudder, … Continue reading Imran Khan’s Tough Mudder for Macmillan Cancer Support

Challenge Aisha: Tough Mudder

Aisha writes: Yes, I am taking part in  Tough Mudder on Saturday 4th May.  Yes, some of the 12 obstacles featured in the 12 mile course include electric shocks, Ice baths, running through fire, and copious amounts of mud.  Yes, I did have to sign a waiver to remove any liability from the event organisers in case of injury or death.  Yes, I am bricking it! … Continue reading Challenge Aisha: Tough Mudder