About this blog

This blog is mainly about my fund raising challenge proposal, which is summarised in the number posts below, but also about other people’s activities and fund raising efforts which I support or which inspire me.

idealadventure The Challenge: a charity fund raising proposal

irusa_mudfactor A curious proposal

climb I like challenge events

tyres Why an obstacle course event?

group5 Why create a sisters-only event?

plunge Sisters with attitude

groups Celebrating Eid in style

ditch The ideal adventure

tunnel Partnership working

finish Finding the perfect venue

balance Getting the balance right

run5 Can we make it a reality?

bars Plan early

run7 Running Kit

wade Some tips for competitors

muddy3 Taking care of the fundraisers


My proposal in brief…

To create a ladies-only obstacle course challenge event with the aim of raising funds for charity. Ideally a  single event supported by multiple Muslim charities, enabling participants to run on behalf of whichever organisation they regularly support. An event for women and girls only, whether runners or spectators.

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