Template: Eid Adventure Run

This is a template for sisters-only fundraising event, based around an obstacle course challenge. As with all event templates on this blog, feel free to use or adapt it as you please.

What is it?

This challenge could be summarised as: Superhero Run meets Eid Party meets Tough Mudder. It is a sisters-only event in which participants are sponsored to take on and complete one of two obstacle course challenges, to raise funds for charity.


Two challenges which fall close to the two Eids are organised. The first is a private, instructor-led obstacle course challenge taking place just after Eid al Fitr on 1 July 2017. In the second challenge, a team enters the public Nuts Challenge at the same venue, on Eid al Adha on 2 September 2017.

In both cases, sisters are sponsored to complete an obstacle course challenge in fancy dress. During the challenge, they will encounter obstacles such as tunnels, fences, tyre walls, climbing nets and balancing bars. They will also negotiate a range of natural terrain, including fallen trees, river banks, ditches, hills and streams.

Who is it for?

Each challenge is aimed at around 20 women and girls (14 years +) from London and the south east. The challenge may be especially promoted to charity volunteers and students.


Both events will take place on the estate of Henfold Lakes, near Dorking in Surrey, under the supervision of Action Days Ltd, which is just over an hour’s drive from central London and accessible via M25. This venue extends over almost 100 acres of parkland, lakes, fields and woodland, and includes a well-established obstacle course.


Over the past couple of years, there has been a rise in the number of volunteers taking on mud run challenges to raise funds for Muslim Charities. Several supporters of Islamic Relief have taken part in Tough Mudder on their own initiative, raising hundreds of pounds for the charity.

A number of Muslim charities, including Muslim Hands, Crisis Aid and Penny Appeal have also created their own obstacle course challenges with great success over the past two years. Furthermore, many of the participants in these challenges have been Muslim women. Clearly there is an appetite amongst sisters for challenges of this kind.

Simultaneously, there is a rise in demand for fun challenges. Events such as the Superhero Run and Halifax2Bradford Challenge prove that people like events than are both stimulating and light-hearted.

Meanwhile, independent events such as Beyond Beauty, Masquerade Ball, Muslimah Fair and LMFW confirm what we all already know to be true: sisters love dressing up; any excuse is a good excuse.

The Eid Mud Run aims to pull together these three strands to comic effect, producing a unique one-of-a-kind, small-scale event for sisters.

Organising the events

Organisation for both events should be completed by 1 May at the very latest, allowing time to promote the challenge to sisters. The components of the event are straight forward to arrange and could be completed in two days at most.

Book venue

Part 1: Eid al Fitr challenge

This event should take place a week after Eid al Fitr. The preferred date is Saturday 1 July.

The proposed venue is the well-established obstacle course at Henfold Lakes in Dorking, managed by Action Days Ltd. Their obstacle course can be hired at a rate of £35.00 per person for a two-hour instructor-led session,

Call Sonia on 01273 682125 to book an assault course slot for around 20 sisters on Saturday 1 July. The ideal slot to accommodate travel is 11am – 1pm.

Request that they provide female-only instructors. If they are unable to provide their own female instructors for this date, request assistance from volunteers from UK Mudd Queens.

Part 2: Eid al Adha challenge

The Nuts Challenge coincides with Eid al Adha in 2017. Places get booked up very quickly, so it is important to book a team slot as early as possible.

Call Sonia on 01273 682125 to book a Charity slot for around 20 sisters on Saturday 2 September and ask them to add your charity to their charities page.


Decide whether to provide transport to the venue. It should be possible to hire a 20 seat minibus for under £200.

Booking process

Agree simple method for sisters to book their place on the challenge.

Entry fee

On basis of above costs, agree an affordable individual entry fee and fundraising target.


The success of the event will be dependent on it being widely promoted amongst sisters both by word of mouth and online. The event should be ready to begin promotion by 1 May 2017 at the latest.

Word of mouth

The challenge will be promoted directly to sisters and regular volunteers by word of mouth. They will be pointed to the charity website for further information. The following points should be emphasised:

  • It’s open to all sisters, regardless of fitness level.
  • They don’t need to be super-fit and can walk the course if they need to.
  • Sisters just need sense of adventure.
  • Avoid any terminology such as “extreme challenge” that could put people off; emphasise fun, adventure and excitement

Online promotion

Social Media

The event will be actively promoted on Twitter and Facebook feeds in the run up to the event.


The event will be promoted on your website, providing a helpful overview of the event, date/time/place and booking information, similar to the example below:

Eid Adventure Run – Sisters only

Thought the Superhero Run was mad? Well, you aint seen nothing yet!

Get ready for the wackiest challenge of the year. If you love dressing up, this is absolutely the event for you. Think of it as the ultimate Eid Party, with an awesome twist!

Donning fancy dress and a pair of running shoes, you’ll be sponsored to take on our hilarious Eid Adventure Run, to help us provide the world’s poorest communities with clean, safe drinking water for life!

You’ll run, jog or walk over a variety of wet and muddy terrain, climb up and down river beds on cargo nets, crawl on your hands and knees, and wade through cooling waters.

On your way, you’ll encounter obstacles such as tunnels, fences, tyre walls, climbing nets and balancing bars, as well as a range of natural terrain, including fallen trees, river banks, ditches, hills and streams.

We have two Eid challenges for you to choose from – whether you choose to take on one or both is entirely up to you.

Eid al Fitr – July 2017

A 2.5km instructor-led obstacle course, traversing a variety of terrain including hills, rivers and ditches. This is a ladies-only challenge, led by qualified female instructors who will show you how to take on the obstacles safely. The perfect post-Ramadan challenge.

  • Date: Saturday 1 July 2017
  • Registration Fee: £35
  • Sponsorship target: £150
  • Grading: Easy

Eid al Adha – September 2017

A fun, no-pressure 7km adventure race, featuring lots of obstacles, mud and water. If you overindulged on Qurbani, this is your chance to burn off all those extra calories. Be a part of our team as we take on the nuttiest challenge of the year, The Nuts Challenge. Go at your own pace and take on only the obstacles you want to. You’ll run in an all-female team, but The Nuts Challenge is open to all.

  • Date:  Saturday 2 September 2017
  • Registration Fee: £60
  • Sponsorship target: £250
  • Grading: Moderate

Whichever challenge you choose, expect to get very muddy and wet… and to have an absolute ball!


Please contact {email address} if you have any queries about either challenge.

Full details will be provided on registration. Terms and conditions apply.

Joining instructions

An email containing guidance for the day should be sent out to participants soon after they book their place on the challenge.

On the day

Time Itinerary
09.00 Minibus driver arrives at pickup point.
09.15 Participants board minibus.
09.30 Minibus departs pickup point, allowing time for traffic holdups.
10.45 Minibus arrives at Action Days Ltd, Henfold Lane, Dorking.
10.50 Bag drop, introductions, welcome.
11.00 Safety briefing by Action Days staff.
11.10 Begin obstacle course challenge. Three groups of 5 sisters set off a few minutes apart.
12.30 Obstacle course completed.
12.45 Showers / change into dry clean clothes.
13.00 Participants board minibus for return journey.
14.15 Minibus arrives at drop off point.


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