Common questions about mud runs and OCR

Are Mud Runs a thing? I’ve never heard of them!

Yes, they’re definitely a thing! Sometimes called obstacle course races or trail runs, mud runs are running events that will push you to your limits. Some challenges are just a lot of fun; others are for the serious fitness fanatic. Some challenges include obstacles, while others just include lots of mud. There are many such events around the country to choose from, almost all year round.


Are Mud Run Challenges really popular? Seriously?

They seem to be. Hundreds of challenge events take place in the UK each year, with thousands of men, women and children taking part. In the US, over a million people take part in them each year. They’re also popular in Malaysia, India, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

I need inspiration. Where do I start?

Our blog is as good a place to start as any other: we always try to feature upcoming charity challenges. If that doesn’t give you enough inspiration, check out our Challenges page.


Why should I even think about taking part?

For a start, they’re great fun. But they’re also challenging, so it’s a good way to attract sponsor pledges and support a charity. Your friends and colleagues will be seriously impressed!

Do I need to be fit?

It largely depends which Challenge event you enter. The Shropshire Mud Run, for example, is suitable for people of all abilities and is ideal for beginners (people with no previous experience of mud runs). Manchester’s Born Survivor, on the other hand, is aimed at the super-fit and super-tough. If you don’t consider yourself very fit, it would be best to choose an entry-level event. Whatever the case it would certainly help if you’re at least moderately fit.


How should I train?

You could meet with friends to run or jog together a few times a week. Or consider following the well-known Couch to 5K training programme, for which numerous smartphone Apps exist. Finally, follow the Muslim Runner blog for more great tips.


Will it be like Cross Country at school? I hated that!

Not if your choose a run billed as a fun event! Nobody’s going to yell at you if you slow down to a walk. There will be no teachers to jump out on you telling you not to talk, or laugh, or smile.

Do I have to run the course? Can’t I walk?

You could. But you might get left behind.

What kind of kit do I need?

Long trousers (running leggings or tracksuit bottoms), running top, synthetic socks and tightly laced trainers. For ladies, a good sports bra is essential.

What kind of footwear should I have?

Wear tightly laced trainers. Don’t go fancy dress on your footwear: heels or pumps are out of the question. Running socks are a good idea.


Do I have to run as part of a team?

No, but it would be much more fun. Team mates will give you moral and physical support, and help you get through it.

If you are running as a team, remember to apply the team discount code when you book your place where applicable.


I don’t have any friends. Can I still take part?

You can take part individually if you want to, but why not consider running with family members, work colleagues, neighbours or your arch nemesis?

I want to run with my brothers. Is that okay?

That’s an excellent idea. And it’s a great way to build relationships.

Can I run as a wife and husband team?

Absolutely, we actively encourage it. Training and taking part together is a wonderful way to grow closer and more become supportive of each other. Go for it!


My kids would love to take part. How old do they have to be?

In many cases 16 – 17 years olds can take part with parental permission, but you’ have to be present. Better still, run altogether as a family and enjoy some quality bonding time!

Alternatively, there are a number of events for younger kids, such as the Shropshire Mini Mud RunYeo Valley RockStars Kids and Spartan Junior.

I don’t like mud. Can I avoid it?

Um, not really. We suggest you just dive in.


I’d love to take part, but don’t live in the UK!

Challenges like these are taking place all over the world, in the US, Canada, Malaysia, India, Australia… the list goes on. Find an event near you and follow the same 5 steps to fundraising success. Don’t fret! You can make a difference wherever you are in the world.

What do I get out of taking part?

If you get people to sponsor you, you’ll get the reward for your charitable acts. You’ll have the sense of satisfaction of completing the course. You’ll have incredible fun. You’ll get some fresh air.

I want to take part, but my friends will think I’ve lost it.

You may be surprised. Take a lead and invite them to join you.


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