Davies family complete Tough Mudder

This is a guest post by Yasmin Davies.

As you’ll know if you read my previous article, my siblings and I decided to take on the fearsome Tough Mudder challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of our beloved mother who sadly passed away after a short battle with Breast Cancer last year. This was a somewhat insane decision, but after several months of preparation, we finally faced the London West challenge yesterday, on Saturday 30 April.


Alhamdulilah, it was a great day. We completed all 12 miles and 26 obstacles in three hours and 45 minutes, which officially inducted us into the Mudder Nation! With so many water obstacles on the course, I felt like I swam a quarter of the way in very cold water.

The worst obstacle was the awful Arctic Enema — which is indeed as bad as it sounds — in which you are plunged into icy water as if reliving the final moments of the Titanic. This challenge knocked the breath right out of us; nothing can prepare you for that, but once we ducked under a tyre submerging into its icy depths we emerged with renewed focus and determination.


The Everest was another tough one: you have to sprint up a giant, slippery quarter-pipe — no skateboards allowed — and launch yourself into the arms of your waiting teammates at the top, hoping that they’ll catch you. Of course, you have to get one of your teammates up there first. This obstacle took us a few tries but we all got over it together eventually, with the help of our fellow Mudders. The camaraderie was great and team spirit was rife throughout the course!

Although Tough Mudder was excruciating and left us feeling drained, bruised and achy, we’re still looking forward to our next challenge. It was so tough that it pushed us to our limits, but our determination throughout the course and our successful completion of it left us with a great feeling of achievement. We are so proud that we did it!


By asking our friends, relatives and complete strangers to sponsor us to take on this awesome adventure, we managed to raise over £600 for Cancer Research UK, in loving memory of our mother. We know she would be very proud that we all got together and did this for her as a family! Alhamdulilah for such an amazing day.

You can still show your support and make a donation for Cancer Research via our  fundraising page


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