“The women during the time of the Prophet (saw) didn’t have group exercise classes”

The women during the time of the prophet lived in a different time than we do. They kneaded their own bread, carried water from wells, even walked outside their houses in secluded areas to relieve themselves. Today our bathrooms are 30 feet away, sometimes closer. Our breads are bought from stores which we drive to and our water flows from the faucet with just a turn of a handle.

I think it’s safe to say that the women during the time of the prophet lived very active lifestyles. Our need to exercise is a necessary “evil” as a result on our own doing. As a result of our attempt to become “more civilized” we have created lives based on convenience. These lives has caused is to use more brain power and less muscle power. It is this physical inactivity that has resulted in us holding on the fat that would and should otherwise be burned off with daily activity.

So in the fit Muslimah lifestyle plan, we are taking into account where we are today, what lifestyles are like today and how we can use this to our advantage to increase our health and fitness for the purpose of not just looking and feel good but to ultimately serve Allah (swt) and honor his gift of health and body which we has given us.

Our body is a gift from Allah (swt). Our health is a gift from Allah533659_10151604409358662_1055185550_n (swt). It Is our duty to thank him and show gratefulness to him by caring for It. Indeed on the Day of Judgment we will be held accountable for everything including our body. What will we say when Allah (swt) asked us how we cared from the very tool he gave us to worship him. We will only be able to tell the truth. That we did not keep It strong so we could not do all the Ibada that he made available to us.

We will only be able to say that we did not have the energy to get up for salat in the middle of the night because we robbed our bodies of energy by filling it with junk and processed foods. We will only be able to say that we could not remember the Quran or the dua not because we were plagued by old age, but rather because our mind was fogged by the junk that clogged our system.

It is essential that as Muslims we take our Islam seriously. Not just the fact that we pray and wear hijab. Surely Allah does not simply look at our appearance of being Muslim, but rather is a judge of all our actions.


Mubarakah Ibrahim is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and women’s weight loss expert.  She is the CEO of Fit Muslimah and founder of www.fitmuslimah.com  and creator of The 30 Minute Fat Burn for Busy Women Program.  She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show “30 Something in America” and honored by President Barack Obama for her contribution to women’s health in America. She is an author, speaker, mom and wife living in New Haven, CT.


6 thoughts on ““The women during the time of the Prophet (saw) didn’t have group exercise classes”

    1. Thanks for getting in touch The author, Mubarakah Ibrahim, is in favour of exercise classes for Muslim women (as a are we). The title is a quotation of the kinds of things people often say when they dismiss the need for exercise classes for women. Mubarakah is a certified personal trainer. Do check out her personal website, http://www.fitmuslimah.com, which is an excellent resource for all.


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