Let’s chill and do the Gaza Winter Walk

Let’s get the 2016 challenges year off to a flying start by taking part in the Muslim Hands Gaza Winter Walk.  This awesome event, now in its eighth year, takes place in 8 cities around the country from north to south, making it an event not to be missed. You’ll join thousands of other walkers from communities all across the country, united in a mission to raise funds for the children of Gaza. You’ll take on a five mile trek traversing a variety of terrain, so be sure to wrap up warmly.

Since 2007 when the Gaza Winter Walk first began, Muslim Hands have provided emergency relief such as food, shelter and medicines, set up income generation projects to rehabilitate the agricultural economy and built large-scale water purification systems to combat Gaza’s severe water shortages. They have also supported the construction of the medical lab and integrated pharmacy in Al-Durrah Hospital, as well as the expansion of the emergency and respiratory departments.

The Gaza Winter Walk could be the perfect start to a year filled with adventurous challenges. Can you think of a better way to warm up and ease into the year to come? Check out the dates and locations below to find a venue near you. Or go mad and do the full nation tour!

Muslim Hands: Gaza Winter Walk

Glasgow 09 January 2016 Kelvingrove Park, G3 6BY REGISTER
Bradford 10 January 2016 Lister Park, BD9 4NR REGISTER
Birmingham 16 January 2016 Cannon Hill Park, B13 8RD REGISTER
Manchester 17 January 2016 Heaton Park, M25 2SW REGISTER
London 23 January 2016 Hyde Park, W2 2UH REGISTER
Luton 24 January 2016 Wardown Park, LU2 7HA REGISTER
Cardiff 30 January 2016 Bute Park, CF10 3DX REGISTER
Leicester 31 January 2016 Abbey Park, LE4 5AQ REGISTER

For more information about this challenge and to take part, please visit the Muslim Hands fundraising page now.



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