Sajedah takes on 5K Mud Run to beat bowel cancer

Sajedah Patel,  Regional Community Fundraiser for Beating Bowel Cancer in the Midlands,  is taking on a 5K Mud Run  on 6 December to raise funds for  Beating Bowel Cancer. She writes:

Those of you that know me…will know my obsession with cleanliness and order (Honestly it is not OCD – just a hobby that takes over my life!) and provides entertainment for many – like my sister who came round on the weekend, she was so fascinated with my obsession, she actually walked around the kitchen taking photographs of my ‘perfectly’ categorised cutlery drawers – (all matching sets of course and facing in the right direction) and my fridge contents which naturally are sectioned according to ‘food groups’ and sizes of products– perfectly normal I hear you say!!! The photos which she then proceeded to send to her friends! Love you too sis!

So…that gives you a flavour of me and my relationship with anything that involves getting dirty so what you read next will shock you. I have stepped way out of my comfort zone and committed to doing something in an ‘attempt’ to face my fears ….and as I don’t do things by half measures…here goes… I have signed up for ‘The 5K Mud Run’ on Sunday 6th December 2015 in Daventry.…..which involves a 5k course consisting of various obstacles, many which are filled or covered with mud – an OCD person’ worst fear! Why? Am I crazy? Have I lost my mind? I most definitely have!

The reason? I meet inspirational people every day through my work who have survived bowel cancer who motivate me to continue my job to raise as much awareness of bowel cancer to save lives – Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed with bowel cancer. Sadly, cancer also takes the lives of many of our loved ones – personally having lost family members to cancer too. Doing the ‘Mud Run’ and having to endure mud and dirt is a drop in the ocean in comparison to the devastation and fear that cancer can cause. My ‘Mud Run’ is dedicated to all those wonderful people who have lost their fight against this awful disease and dedicated in admiration to the survivors that inspire me every day that have beat it.

Please help me to raise much needed funds to work together to a world where cancer is beaten. Thank you for your donation and wish me luck!

To support Sajedah, please visit her fundraising page now.


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