Sporty Muslimah

This article was originally published on the Islamic Design House blog in July as a post titled, Modest Clothing & Sport

Staying healthy is important for everyone, Muslimahs included. Allah (SWT) has blessed us with bodies that we have to take care of — and besides healthy eating — sport or exercise is one of the main ways to do it. Most things that are worth doing require getting out of bed — so you probably want to be fit enough to! But when you want to stay modest, it can add some barriers to being active. When looking for modest clothing for sport or exercise, what do you look for?

What are the challenges of wearing modest clothing for sport?

There are a couple of challenges but none that can’t be overcome! The most common thought that pops in the mind of sisters is staying cool and dry. How can we avoid overheating when we’re covered from head to toe?

Then there is the often forgotten about idea of health and safety. Modesty isn’t the only thing that matters. You can’t be active if you’re in cast or a stretcher can you?! If your jilbab or abaya is too long it can become a hazard in itself or just impractical.

And what about style? You may like sports wear that’s feminine and fun but most aren’t modest — the sports bras, yoga pants or itty bitty shorts aren’t very hijab friendly. As a Muslimah, you want the modest silhouettes but with a sporty flair. At Islamic Design House, we have a whole range of sporty chic jilbabs, two-pieces and hijabs that are perfect for the young energetic Muslim woman.

Gather round sisters — we’re about to give you some great advice!

Stay Comfy, Stay Safe

Do! DO!                      Don't! DON’T!

As a modest sister, you’re going to be covered in far more fabric than the average lady you may see on the football pitch or on the tennis court — that’s a good thing. You just have to keep a few things in mind.

If you wear a hijab, make sure you wrap it in a way that doesn’t have too many loose or hanging ends.Try tucking them under your jilbab or hoodie if you have any and keep it securely pinned to your head. You don’t want the end of your scarf to fly in your face while running track or getting tangled in gym equipment. Not only is that so embarrassing but also quite dangerous. Forget about intricate hijab styling when it’s time for exercise.

For your outfit, there are tons of options. You can wear a jilbab, loose trousers or a long top and skirt. It may be best to wear a jilbab or skirt that’s a few inches shorter than your normal size so it doesn’t skim the floor, so you can avoid, you know, tripping and falling flat on your face. If you like, you can wear a pair of thin leggings underneath so you don’t reveal more than you’d like.

Fun with Fabric

The key to keeping modest and cool is not necessarily wearing less fabric but the right fabric. As a modest lady, you probably already know that but here’s a deeper look into how to pull this off…

When it comes to fabrics to exercise in, most things that come from nature work well… cotton, linen and silk for example. It’s because these materials are breathable — even though you’re covered up, they’ll let the air in and out. Jersey, which is also made out of natural materials, are a safe bet too. Watch out for linen though! It creases very easily, so be careful when throwing it in your gym bag. And as for silk, avoid wearing silk tops as they allow moisture to gather under your armpits. Eww. Instead, try wearing a silk hijab.

There are also many synthetic fabrics that are great for exercise like hybrid fabrics and materials including Taslon, Viscose, Lyrca and more. The possibilities are endless.

Style Inspiration

To all our sporty or active sisters out there: how do you dress modestly when you’re on the move?

You don’t have to bare your midriff or your figure to express your sporty side. Here are some ideas of fun and fashionable ways to dress as an active sister.


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