Muslimahs Endure

Looking for inspiration and motivation to get fit and healthy in the coming year? Then meet Muslimahs Endure, a great grassroots, community organisation based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Originally named Muslimahs Run, they first got together on 31 July 2014 with the aim of promoting holistic health, fitness and modesty among Muslim women through endurance sports.

Their vision is to foster a healthy Islamic environment for Muslim women and girls to excel in competition or in recreation.

The first group meetup brought out five Muslim women who walked a mile in the rain.  As the group continues to grow they are also transforming the way they operate to improve their ability to reach and service as many Muslim women as possible.

They intend to provide women and girls with the encouragement, motivation and tools they need to reach their fitness goals. These transformations include adding opportunities for Muslim women to be introduced to other endurance sports, specifically swimming and biking.

For more information, please visit their website


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