Getting the most out of your Mud Run

This is a guest post by Yatie Nadzli , sharing 20 helpful tips on getting the most out of your Mud Run. Earlier this year, Yatie took part in the Viper Challenge, Asia’s biggest obstacle course event.

1. Form a team of fabulous teammates and prepare to have fun!


2. Ensure you get the nutrition you need before, during and after your Mud Run challenge. Eat healthy, nutritious foods and stay hydrated. Don’t skip breakfast.

3. Do consistent strength and cardio training in the run up to your challenge. Try to work up to running 5km without interruption. Mud Runs are a test of endurance, not a walk in the park. Be prepared.

4. Work out upper body. This is important if you’re taking part in a Mud Run with lots of obstacles. They’re not applicable to all runs, but are increasingly common.

5.  Teamwork is everything in a Mud Run challenge. Help each other in your team and even people not in your team. Somebody else might return the favour when you need help later on!

6. Take a lot of photos whenever you can because this might be your one and only Mud Run challenge.


7. Have a good rest the night before the challenge and don’t forget carb- loading!

8. Wear shoes that fit.  Avoid ill-fitting shoes, as Mud Runs involve a lot of mud and water. Poorly fitting shoes will easily slip off. I recommend rubber shoes or hiking shoes that grip. Don’t wear shoes you’re particularly attached to as they’re going to get covered in mud!

9. Wear long sleeves or a thin inner layer, as there are often obstacles which require you to crawl on the ground.


10. I strongly encourage you to wear gloves as many challenges feature hard, rough surfaces.

11. Bring protein/energy bars, a banana or high protein foods you can easily eat during the challenge. Seriously, we need lots of energy to get across the finish line.


12. Wear long trousers with a reasonable thickness or wear good leggings underneath, as sometimes trousers get torn or perforated,  especially in the nether regions! Ouch!!

13. Travel light. Don’t carry water as there are usually waters stations along the way. Carry protein bars and small waterproof camera. Leave valuables such as mobile phones behind or locked in your car.

14. Leave nobody behind. Remember the Mud Run challenge is not a race: you just have to finish it together. If someone in your team is struggling, walk with them; there’s nothing to rush for.


15. Do not drink so much water before the challenge that you’re uncomfortable and need the the toilet. It may be okay if you’re a man, but going toilet in the overgrowth is not much fun. Just drink what you need and can retain along the way.

16. First aid is always available, but carrying a spray for muscle cramp and plasters can be handy in case of injury in the woods.

17.  Help and motivate each other along the way. Honestly I don’t think I could finish a Mud Run challenge without support from my team mates. That’s why my number one rule is to find fabulous team mates! Yeahhh!!


18. Go into it with 100% mindset to take on all the challenges and prepare to have loads of fun.

19. Enjoy the moment and be happy. Commit to do the best for every obstacle; it will give you true satisfaction.


20. Don’t give up! You are so much stronger than you know!



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