Support Rajeh and Sadia’s Spartan Challenge

On 16th May, Rajeh Shaikh and Sadia Sajid will be taking part in Spartan Race Sprint to raise funds for the UK charity, Computer Aid International. This 5km obstacle course race at Allianz Park London will see them jumping hot flames, climbing walls and crawling through oozing mud.

The shortest Spartan event available, Sprint is aimed at first timers. With around twenty obstacles, participants can complete the race at their own pace. But it’s not all plain sailing. If you fail an obstacle along the way, you have to do 30 burpees before continuing the race. Nice!

Computer Aid International refurbishes donated computers in the UK and sends them to where they are most needed for use by schools and non-profit organisations in developing countries. It works in partnership with local people to ensure that all of its computers are used effectively by communities in need.

Rajeh and Sadia are backing a solar-powered internet classroom project that will enable refugees to have access to online education and get in touch with the outside world. To support them, please visit their JustGiving page and pledge a donation today.


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