Brave pupils compete in Muddy Trials

zahrahaleemOn Sunday the 22nd March 2015, a group of second and third year pupils from Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Glasgow participated in the Muddy Trials mud run in Kilmarnock. The 5K run claims to be the most challenging mud run in the whole of the UK, with various obstacles along the way including trenches and swamps.

Six year 3 girls also took part with their Geography teacher, Laura Greig, to raise money for a child sponsorship scheme in the Solomon Islands. This will allow for the funding of a pupil to attend Secondary school there, where the attendance rate is one of the lowest in the world. Three year 2 pupils, meanwhile, completed their run to raise money for a child sponsorship scheme in their partnership school in Nitte, India.

Year 2 student, Suhit Amin, managed to complete the course in an impressive time of 46 minutes, coming first out of the group.  What a great way to support such worthwhile causes. Everyone had an excellent (if rather chilly) day. Roll on the next one!


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