Making changes

Glad I’m not the only one…

I’m not a health-fanatic, but exercise plays a much bigger part in my life now. That fact that is plays any part is a big deal. I was that kid that would use every excuse in the book to get out of PE and avoided all sports like the plague. It got even worse after high school.

I worked long hours while studying, and ate a lot of crap. I didn’t cook. I heated ready-made (cheap) food. The only exercise I got was carrying books to and from the bus stop.

I travelled Europe and graduated at the heaviest I’ve ever been (somewhere over 80kg here, probably closer to 85kg).

Then all this happened. I felt like my body was falling apart from stress and not being looked after.

I was scared.

So I made small changes. I set myself small goals, and I talked about them on here. My world didn’t change over night, but I started seeing results.

Slowly but surely, my lifestyle changed.
And I started respecting myself again.

There were goals in my life beyond my career!

I started setting my goals higher. I got out, and tried new things…

Running… And Dragonboating… And bootcamp!

Now I’m having personal training sessions, and really enjoying pushing myself in ways I haven’t before.

It sucks that it took something so scary to trigger this kind of behaviour, but I’m glad something did. Here’s to another two years of improvement, progress, and prevention.

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