Outdoor Camp – but not for girls

When I saw this camp advertised on the Internet, I honestly rejoiced…

This camp has been organised for 12-17 yr olds from Birmingham in order to instil in our Muslim youth love for the practice of Islam and for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); and to inspire within them renewed commitment and faith. It will consist of talks, workshops, and quiam-ul-layl, together with team games, country walks and outdoor pursuits. The whole programme is designed to present Islam in a fun way that will, insha’Allah, leave a permanent impression.

…until I read the poster, which reads “Boys Aged 12 – 17”. Then I felt deflated.

I’m not taking anything away from the boys – they need an event likes this as much as anyone. It’s good that there is something being done for young males in our community. Great to see when you live in a community where nothing at all is put on by the Muslim leadership for the youth.

It’s just that girls aged 12 – 17 would also benefit immensely from outdoor activities like these. Yes, once again I am referencing Malaysia, where girls seems to be given the same opportunities as boys, and the positive effect shows. I wouldn’t say the camp should be open to boys and girls at the same time. But wouldn’t it have been great to have two posters: one advertising a camp for boys, the other a camp for girls?

Inshallah the time will come, when women step forward into leadership roles to be able to take a group of girls to camp in the wilds for a few days. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Truth be told, I shouldn’t be too harsh in my sentiments. The Islamic Society of Britain is responsible for this, after all:

Credit where it’s due: they are streets ahead.


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