One of my biggest failings is patience – or rather lack of it. And so often it is my impatience which causes things to fail, because people think I’m interfering, get irritated with my questions and ideas, and in the end walk away, frustrated. I really don’t want that to happen with my fund raising challenge proposal, because I really believe in it: I want to see it become reality. For all my talk of handing it over to others, capitulating to my timidity, I really want to make sure it’s done properly and successfully. And yet on the other hand, I want to do it anonymously, quietly, without taking any credit.  It’s a paradox. Oh Allah, grant me patience and let this Fundraising Challenge be a success. I pray it works well for this charity which has taken it on, for I have always supported their work; I was thrilled when it was them who responded most positively. Oh, but the suspense is killing me!


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