Catch the momentum

Just Put One Foot Forward…

For Siti Nurulhawanis Misbari, 24, every Muslim girl should follow Rugaya’s competitive spirit and think positively as the hijab is a symbol of liberation. This Assistant Engineer started running 4 years ago after being inspired by her polytechnic friend who run the whole school every single day after their final-year project. That prompted her to join her first run, which is also her favourite, the Great Eastern Women’s 10km run three years ago.

She has since participated in about 20 runs, mostly 10km, with an exception of the North East Run last year when she ran 16km. Citing Dean Karnazes, an ultra-marathoner famous for his catchphrase of “Just put one foot forward” after attempting 50 marathons in 50 days as her inspiration, she hopes to attempt a full 42km marathon one day. Thus, she will be attempting her first half-marathon this end of May in the Adidas Sundown Marathon to challenge herself to the next level.

Of course, women and shopping are inseparable. So I ask her about her favourite sports attire and any Muslimah sportswear shopping tips, seeing that the Singapore sportswear market is not exactly Muslimah-friendly.

“Dri-fit materials are the best as they absorb sweat easily, dry faster and are more breathable. For long-sleeve sportswear, I find that the ones in Singapore are always expensive so I always buy during expo sales as most of the running pants are cheaper. Furthermore, compared to stores in Singapore you can also find them cheaper online.” recommends Nurulhawanis.

Even nowadays both men and women non-Muslim runners can be seen wearing full gear, long sleeves for running as they offer better protection from the sun and environment as well as faster recovery, among other reasons. So there is really no need to feel any different while running with our Muslimah garments. In fact it is for these reasons, and more, that Allah s.w.t has created the aurah guidelines for He is the All-Knowing.

Personally for me, I would like to see long-sleeved shirts provided as an option by race organisers. This way, aurah-abiding Muslimah runners would not have to overlap with another long-sleeve shirt underneath the sleeveless shirt provided.

Last but not least, Nurulhawanis gives some encouraging words to Muslimah runners of all levels, “Running is like taking a driving license. You have to make a continuos effort to improve bit by bit. It is okay to start slow and steady but do not ever stop. Catch the momentum and carry on, and most importantly never be embarrassed just because you are an aurah-abiding wearer. Do not let other people’s comments put a stop for you to live a healthy lifestyle.”





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