Marathon Muslimahs

Great article in Muzlim Buzz from Singapore:

hawanis_sundown[1]Another accomplishment following the increase of runs and marathons in Singapore is the increase of Muslim women runners. Their presence can be clearly seen especially since aan aurah-abiding Muslim women’s attire is completely different. Where the standard women’s running attire consists of a sports bra or sleeveless t-shirt and shorts, a Muslimah is decked out in long-sleeve and knee-length shirts and long track pants.

This just goes to show that aurah guidelines is not a barrier to Muslim women wanting to participate in competitive sports. In fact, it might even be a better form of sportswear. Just look at hijab-wearing Rugaya Al-Ghasara, the first Bahrain-born athlete to win a major international athletics gold medal in the women’s 200m finals at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha. She was the only competitor clad in long-sleeve shirt and pants, as well as a Hijood which is a Hijab and sports hood combined.

Standing out among a sea of skimpy sports attires, it is really a sight to be seen as she celebrates winning her 200m heat with a sujud on the stadium itself. To top things off, she says her outfit allows for her to “combine her need for modesty with a design made from breathable, moisture-controlled fabric”. In addition, she hopes to inspire other women that modesty or religious beliefs do not have to be a barrier to participating in competitive sports, or any sports, in particular.

Wow, such an inspiration!


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