Taking care of the fundraisers

To get this event right, we need to think about the extra facilities we might need to provide for participants on the site.


When booking a venue, it may be necessary to negotiate the provision of additional amenities, for participants, stall holders and spectators. If a suitable building is not available, for example, it may be necessary to erect a large tent or marquee. Extra facilities might include the following.

  • Meeting point for runners: an area where participants gather at the start of the race, complete the registration process, obtain guidance and listen to announcements.
  • A crèche: for under-12s not competing in the obstacle course with their mother, staffed by individuals with appropriate child- care experience. An age-appropriate entertainment programme should be provided. Older children may watch the obstacle race in groups accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Prayer tent: a quiet and clean space for salat, with secluded wudu facilities, even if just a tank of water.
  • Washing facilities: if participants are to enjoy the rest of the event after completing the obstacle course, they will need to be able to get washed, as they will be very muddy. Ideally they should be able to access proper showers, but if these are not available they may have to be hosed down.
  • Private changing facilities: a building or tent with individual partitions to enable runners to change out of muddy clothes completely.
  • Lockers: for the safe storage of a change of clothes and valuables such as mobile phones and car keys during the obstacle course. Alternatively, valuables might be locked in the boot of the participants’ cars during the event.

Inevitably the need for other facilities will become apparent as planning progresses. It will also be necessary to arrange accommodation for charity, food and gift stalls, as well as entertainment equipment.


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