Can we make it a reality?

There is a lot of work to be done if we are to create a successful fundraising obstacle course challenge event this October.

logsBefore any planning takes place, it will be necessary to decide whether the event is run under the auspices of lead charities, or independently by a dedicated committee with input from all.

Either way, the team responsible for organising the event would preferably be all female, comprised of sisters with skills in event management, communication and budgeting.

Appoint a Chairperson to take ultimate responsibility for the plans, along with a competent and skilled Project Manager to oversee all aspects of organisation. A clear project plan detailing everything that has to be done between now and October will help immensely.

Hold regular meetings to discuss progress and any problems that arise; online meetings spaces can be a great help for bringing people together, even if they are spread around the country (see end).


There are a number of key roles that will need to be filled, including:

  • Event coordinators: responsible for booking the venue, requesting facilities and inviting stall holders.
  • Promoters: responsible for advertising the event, talking to student groups and schools, providing promotional material, using social media and developing a small website.
  • Booking officers: responsible for managing the registration process and sending out information.
  • Liaison officer: responsible for working with participating charities and other attendees.
  • Media officer: responsible for talking to local and Muslim media, doing interviews and providing information for articles.
  • Stewards: available on the day of the event to facilitate parking, chaperone competitors, oversee individual obstacles and be on hand to offer assistance to visitors.
  • First aiders: sisters with medical or first aid training who can be on hand for minor injuries such as bumps and scratches.

When it comes to promoting the event to maximise the number of participants and supporters there are many avenues to explore, such as:

  • Website: consider building a small website to promote the event, which provides a simple About section, FAQ, Sign up form and Blog.
  • Social media: a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter feed are a brilliant way of generating a buzz.
  • Volunteer Reps: have sisters in the community and at university promote the event to their friends and family.
  • Media: ask magazines like Emel and Sisters to run an article on the event, place an advert in The Muslim News, and do interviews on Radio Ramadan and Islam Channel.

Website mockup (.pdf)


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