Sisters with attitude

The fund raising obstacle course event would be aimed at Muslimahs only, aged from 12 years old to the over 40s. Under-16s would have to be accompanied by a responsible adult, such as their mother, an aunt or a teacher. Sisters from any background would be invited to participate:

  • Those raised as Muslims, as well as converts.
  • Those who wear hijab or niqab, and those that don’t.
  • People of every ethnic origin.
  • Those with different abilities, from the couch potato to the sporting pro.

It is usually more fun to run with companions than to go it alone; particularly if you need help to get over an obstacle. Team entrants could be:

  • A family: a mother and her three teenage daughters.
  • A school: a group of pupils from a Muslim school in Manchester running with their teacher.
  • Muslim Scouts: a complete girl scout troop from Birmingham.
  • University iSoc: members of the sisters’ Islamic Society.
  • Work colleagues: a group of hospital doctors.
  • Best friends: five friends from Luton.
  • The reunion: ten sisters who haven’t seen each other since Hajj.

Efforts should be made to engage as many as people as possible from across the country and from different Muslim communities. It would be brilliant to have sisters of Somali, Pakistani and Turkish origin, for example, running side by side.


There are broadly two main groups of sisters who might be persuaded to participate in this event: adventurers and challengers.

Adventurers seek out excitement and new opportunities whenever they can, whilst challengers tend to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of others.

The latter group of sisters have the potential to raise the most amount of sponsorship money, since it can clearly be seen that they are undertaking a disliked activity purely for the sake of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

A case could be made, therefore, for exerting extra effort in persuading this group to take part in the event; inshallah, the adventurers will sign up anyway.



These are sisters who are into sport, who need little encouragement to take part in adventurous activities.

They have probably already run a marathon or two, or a fun run at the very least, and climbed a mountain on their day off.

Adventurers won’t hesitate to take part in an obstacle course event, especially if they know it’s for a good cause. They will run because they think it will be great fun.


These are sisters who like to support charities, but would never dream of hitting a muddy obstacle course.

Their idea of a good fundraiser is a charity dinner, community bazaar, fashion show or charity concert.

They will only take part in an obstacle course event because they know people will sponsor them to do something that’s a serious challenge for them.


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