Partnership working

It is my hope that a number of Muslim organisations will come together to jointly organise this Eid al-Adha obstacle course challenge, to pool resources, share knowledge and go about creating a brilliant, well-publicised and well-attended event.

In doing so, it is hoped that this will attract a wide breadth of willing participants from across the UK Muslim community. Indeed, a unified approach will undoubtedly inspire confidence amongst those attending and taking part.

Recognising that some charities are better resourced than others, a benevolent mind-set is important, with a willingness to accept different kinds and levels of contribution from member organisations. The lessons of Eid al-Adha should come alive in the development of this event.

In working together it is understood that competitors will be able to run in aid of any of the charities taking part and that any money raised through sponsorship will be passed onto their nominated charity without prejudice.

Female representatives of each of the charities will be present at the event, with stalls providing information about the individual charity, the work they do and the ways people can support them.


In order to promote a spirit of cooperation and working for the common good, this proposal has been sent to a number of charitable organisations in the hope they will express an interest in jointly running this event.

It is hoped that in turn interested charities will liaise with their female members and supporters to develop an event which truly captures the spirit of our ummah: working together for the good of all.


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