Hijab Fun Run 2014

Muslimahs in the Philippines take part in a Fun Run in recognition of World Hijab Day…


“A first ever celebration activity of the World Hijab Day in ARMM. Activities like Hijab Fun run, Hijab Forum and Donate a Hijab were launched on February 1st wherein various prominent leaders and prudent executives where actively enjoined in the said event showing their support.

Accordingly, Regional Governor said that wearing a Hijab has two dimension; the religious dimension and social dimension. He emphasized on his speech of support was on social dimension, that hijab wearing is a manifestation of self-determination in our culture and society.

Nevertheless, the presence of our two beautiful and courageous ARMM Congresswomen were in warmth to support the celebration of the World Hijab Day, Cong. Bai Sandra Sema and Cong. Djalia Hataman respectively.

Furthermore, everyone’s attention was caught on Dr. Albaya G. Badrudin’s message that women in Islam are precious and protected. She gave a hadith that women must be loved three times and they are our Mothers. Dr. Albaya Badruddin is a representative of Nurunissa Organization, an NGO advocating for women’s right.

In this activity, the culture of Islam in wearing Hijab is felicitous with ARMM women’s culture. Hence, when we saw a lady wearing a Hijab is a lady of ARMM. A culture that has been practiced for so long. That for decades of struggle to self-determination, a hijabbi women are their too to attain peace.”


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