The Challenge: a charity fund raising proposal

So today I have published my proposal for a charity fundraising event and sent it to a number of Muslim charities for feedback. Personally I believe it has great potential, given the right input from experts in the field.

I spent quite a long time working on this, because I wanted it to have maximum impact. I’m not sure if I have been successful, but we’ll see. Here is the PDF version I sent out: Text Only / With Artwork

I guess I am Open Sourcing this idea in a way, giving Muslim charities and their supporters permission to take my ideas and use them for the benefit of their organisation—so long as it is ultimately of value to the needy, wherever they may be in the world. The ideal situation would see a number of organisations working together to create a single event, shared by many. We can always dream and hope of unity for the common good, can’t we?

I hope they will take my seed of an idea, plant it, nurture it and let it grow, inshaAllah.

Whatever good is contained herein is from Allah; whatever bad is from me. I pray that Allah forgives my shortcomings and grants me the benefit of any good that comes from this proposal, and may He replace my bad deeds with good.


My proposal in brief…

  1. To create a fundraising obstacle course challenge event in early October, shortly after Eid al-Adha.1
  2. A single event supported by multiple Muslim charities, enabling participants to run on behalf of whichever organisation they regularly support.
  3. An event for Muslimahs only, whether runners or spectators.2
  4. An Eid festival atmosphere, with halal barbecue on site, stalls and bouncy castles for children.

1 The original idea was to replace Eid al-Adha with Eid al-Fitr for a summer event, but it is likely that many organisations will be focussing their efforts on the Islamic Society of Britain’s massive Living Islam festival then.

2 Except for children—upper age limit to be agreed.


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