Challenge Aisha: Tough Mudder

Aisha writes:

Yes, I am taking part in  Tough Mudder on Saturday 4th May.  Yes, some of the 12 obstacles featured in the 12 mile course include electric shocks, Ice baths, running through fire, and copious amounts of mud.  Yes, I did have to sign a waiver to remove any liability from the event organisers in case of injury or death.  Yes, I am bricking it!  No, I am NOT crazy!

Why am I doing this? Cause I fancied a challenge (just call me Challenge Aisha), and I think I’m just tough enough to do it (Grrrrr!). Well, I hope I am!

It also occurred to me that taking part in this challenge can shine a spotlight on something bigger than just myself, so I’m once again raising money for the ACLT. I really believe in the work they do and I hope, by doing this more people will be encourage to be a  blood/bone/organ donor, and be more aware of the work the ACLT do.

The ACLT is a leading Leukaemia charity dedicated to raising awareness of the shortage of ethnic minority donors on the UK Bone Marrow, Organ and Blood registers.  The ACLT provides valuable support to people suffering with blood cancers who face incredible odds in their worldwide search for a donor. For many, the odds are still around  one in 100,000 in finding a match.

The long term aim of the ACLT is to educate and raise awareness about the importance of registering as potential bone marrow donors, blood and organ donations. Their work will enable worldwide donor searches on behalf of Black, Mixed Race and Ethnic Minority patients.

Funds raised will enable them to:

  • Continue the essential groundbreaking raising awareness and recruitment drive programmes
  • Help pay for future Bone Marrow, Blood and organ donation recruitment drives in association with the Anthony Nolan & National Blood Service
  • To raise awareness and recruit life savers at schools, colleges, universities, corporate organisations, government offices, community groups etc
  • Fronting Media Campaigns to raise awareness about Appeals on behalf of patients in the UK and overseas

So please dig deep and donate what you can!  Thank you so much for your support!

To support Aisha, please visit her fundraising page here.


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