The paralysis of shyness

It’s funny that I maintain a blog all about amazing challenges, because my biggest challenge is something so small and mundane: shyness. Overcoming shyness is a challenge that alludes me to this day. That shyness which prevents me from picking up the phone for a conversation that others would find so easy. The shyness which makes me run far away, rather than confront issues directly. … Continue reading The paralysis of shyness

Islamic Design House instant hijab

تشكيلة جديدة من شالات bokkita الرائعة الحاصلة على براءه اختراع لارتدائه بسهوله بدون دبابيس وب ١٠ثوان ٍ *متوفر أيضاً تشكيلة أكبر غير مصورة ومتوفر اللون الاسود A post shared by IDH kuwait (@islamicdesignhouse_kw) on Jul 28, 2017 at 10:34am PDT   Continue reading Islamic Design House instant hijab

No different from the next runner

Nice article on the ParkRun website: 22-year-old university student Namrah Shahid had never run before taking part in Woodhouse Moor parkrun for the first time last April. By her own admission she was instantly hooked, and Namrah is now working with Leeds University to encourage other female Muslims to take part in physical activity by breaking down some of the barriers that stand in their … Continue reading No different from the next runner

Tough Mudder Half for Islamic Relief

Alrighty, get ready to take part in one of the toughest challenges on the planet. One of Islamic Relief‘s latest fundraising challenges is Tough Mudder Half, a 5 mile mud run designed to drag you out of your comfort zone with a test of physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. With the help of your fellow Mudders, you’ll overcome mud-drenched obstacles and adrenaline-pumping challenges. And you’ll do it all … Continue reading Tough Mudder Half for Islamic Relief

Ayesha’s Cycle Challenge

A poetic summary of reflections on my Andalusia Cycle Challenge 2016 for Islamic Relief’s Water4Life project:


Cycling through the plains of the stunning South of Spain

While desperately trying to distract myself from the pain

That led from my backside right down to my knees…

I inhaled the smell of a thousand olive trees

Continue reading “Ayesha’s Cycle Challenge”

Why you need to race in a mud run (and how to survive it)

Originally posted on A Busy Mom's Guide to Being Awesome-ish:
While I definitely consider myself to be fairly fit, I am by no means a runner.? I have always loved the idea of running, so back about 6 years ago, after I had my first child, I took up jogging.? It made sense, given that it is tough to find activities you can do… Continue reading Why you need to race in a mud run (and how to survive it)

External link to Manal Rostom

Manal Rostom

The Egyptian Hijabi Model Shattering What it Means to be a Muslim, Arab Girl At 37-years-old, Manal Rostom has climbed mountains, can speak four languages, and became a figure for fighting stereotypes about women in hijab. Yet, she still has to deal with those who look at her as a veiled woman with an empty head. Rostom speaks to Egyptian Streets about her adventures, moments … Continue reading Manal Rostom

The forerunners of the Nike hijab

Social media is awash these days with talk of Nike’s sports hijab, from both those in favour and those against. Personally I’m all for global brands increasing opportunities for Muslim women involved in sport. We wear their trainers, tracksuits and sports bras, so why not what we wear on our head? The only reservation I have is that they will begin to eat into the … Continue reading The forerunners of the Nike hijab

5k Run for Somalia – Drought Appeal

Please support runners Suada Mohamoud, Hodo Eid, Faiza Ali, Nasrin Warsame and Kaltun Fadal, who will be running 5km on April 22nd in Hyde Park, London to raise money for Somali Faces, an organisation based in Somalia helping families to access vital services. Somalia has been one of the worst-affected countries hit by the drought currently affecting various parts of East Africa. Please visit their Go Fund Me … Continue reading 5k Run for Somalia – Drought Appeal

8 Fitness Tips That Are Actually Doable

Originally posted on Spill The Chai:
Everyone has a different method in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. With the sudden influx of fad diets, magical weight-loss/“skinny” teas, and questionable “body goals” for both women and men, it can be easy to feel consumed and victim to it all. Often times we see images of people that are most likely edited a certain way, and we get… Continue reading 8 Fitness Tips That Are Actually Doable

San Francisco Mudlims

On Saturday 1 October 2016, twelve adventurous Muslims from the San Francisco area took part in the brilliant Muckfest fun run to help raise funds for the MS Society’s. Running as a team calling itself the SF Mudlims, they took on a light-hearted 5K obstacle course. Set up to allow participants to have a good friends, the Muckfest mud run is not super challenging: no suffering or pretence of toughness here. … Continue reading San Francisco Mudlims