5 Essential Steps To Larping While Muslim

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Although geek culture in general is more popular than ever, certain aspects remain little known to mainstream audiences. Larping, or live action role-playing, is inspired by tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), and firmly rooted in genre fiction. Players portray specific characters in a fictional setting, and act out their characters’ actions in a series of events. Although… Continue reading 5 Essential Steps To Larping While Muslim

8 Fitness Tips That Are Actually Doable

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Everyone has a different method in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. With the sudden influx of fad diets, magical weight-loss/“skinny” teas, and questionable “body goals” for both women and men, it can be easy to feel consumed and victim to it all. Often times we see images of people that are most likely edited a certain way, and we get… Continue reading 8 Fitness Tips That Are Actually Doable

FIBA moves toward lifting ban on religious headgear

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Amel Saleh (No. 13) of the Qatari women’s national basketball team. Back in August 2016, the same month in which the Olympic Games began in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, basketball’s international governing body (FIBA) was supposed to meet and vote on the future of a discriminatory rule of theirs that should never have existed in the first place. That vote… Continue reading FIBA moves toward lifting ban on religious headgear

San Francisco Mudlims

On Saturday 1 October 2016, twelve adventurous Muslims from the San Francisco area took part in the brilliant Muckfest fun run to help raise funds for the MS Society’s. Running as a team calling itself the SF Mudlims, they took on a light-hearted 5K obstacle course. Set up to allow participants to have a good friends, the Muckfest mud run is not super challenging: no suffering or pretence of toughness here. … Continue reading San Francisco Mudlims

Run the Royal Parks Half Marathon for SKT Welfare

Let’s dust off those running shoes, prepare for a whistle-stop tour of London’s most beautiful parks and help raise funds to support the fantastic work of the humanitarian charity, SKT Welfare. On Sunday 9 October 2016, thousands of runners will take on the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon, which starts and finishes in Hyde Park. The 13.1 mile route takes in the capital’s world-famous landmarks on closed … Continue reading Run the Royal Parks Half Marathon for SKT Welfare

Get muddy for safe clean water in Gaza

Hold onto your hats (and hijabs): this one’s going to be a blast! February’s chilly Crawl of Duty mud run challenge has now been reincarnated as Mud Rush, an epic adventure to be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend in three locations across the country. Those of you who (rightly) considered mid-winter much too cold to take on an obstacle course challenge now have the … Continue reading Get muddy for safe clean water in Gaza

The rafting adrenaline rush

The eastern Black Sea region of Turkey is growing ever more popular with tourists from Gulf Arab states, in search of cooler summer climes. They now arrive in great numbers from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, descending on Trabzon and Rize for both relaxation and adventure. As well as visiting historical landmarks and taking in the beautiful natural beauty of the region, these tourist are … Continue reading The rafting adrenaline rush

King of Kampung Kemensah 18K Trail Run

I had several experiences running in various trails, yet I have never ran in Kampung Kemensah before. So I had no idea about the condition of the trail, or the level of difficulty that I might face. The organizers did not upload any map or elevation chart in their official website, however they did write down the checkpoints yet I had no clue about the … Continue reading King of Kampung Kemensah 18K Trail Run

Taking on a challenge for charity

Taking on a challenge is a great way to raise funds for a worthy cause. It’s amazing how many people will sponsor others to complete an amazing feat. This year, why not get together with friends and family to take on a challenge of your own? Many charities have a calendar full of challenges which you can sign up to, to help raise money to support their work. However … Continue reading Taking on a challenge for charity

Tough Mudder for Bashir

Following the tragic death of Bashir Osman, head of FOSIS, last July, his siblings have joined together to take on Tough Mudder in his place, to raise money for Penny Appeal’s Thirst Relief appeal. Bashir had been planning to take on the 12-mile challenge when the tragedy occurred last summer. With a fundraising target of £165,000, he was raising money to build 50 wells in East Africa, … Continue reading Tough Mudder for Bashir

Brotherhood Mudder Run

In an effort to raise funds for Islamic Relief, a group of lifelong friends came together this past week to take on two running challenges. Coming together as a team called The Brotherhood they took part in Tough Mudder London West on 30 April and the Muslim Charity Run inVictoria Park, Tower Hamlets, on 8 May. “We came, we saw, we conquered,” said Zara Mir, who took part in Tough … Continue reading Brotherhood Mudder Run

Davies family complete Tough Mudder

This is a guest post by Yasmin Davies. As you’ll know if you read my previous article, my siblings and I decided to take on the fearsome Tough Mudder challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of our beloved mother who sadly passed away after a short battle with Breast Cancer last year. This was a somewhat insane decision, but after several months of preparation, we … Continue reading Davies family complete Tough Mudder

Siblings take on Tough Mudder in memory of mother

This is a guest post by Yasmin Davies. We are a team of 5 family members, who, in a moment of scary premonition, have decided to attempt the extreme and possibly foolish Tough Mudder challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research on behalf of our beloved mother! Our challenge takes place near Henley on Thames on 30 April. Our mother Zahra Davies who worked as … Continue reading Siblings take on Tough Mudder in memory of mother

Spartan Race – Dubai 2016

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The Spartan Race – Sprint (5k) – Our Style! I heard of the Spartan Race last year and it’s not for everybody! The worldwide event, the Spartan Race – Sprint (5k) is a known gut wrenching obstacle race that was recently (2015) launched in Dubai. The Spartan Race is an increasingly popular, invigorating and challenging obstacle course that is designed… Continue reading Spartan Race – Dubai 2016